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      CET Honored with 6 Awards in Zhuhai RemaxWorld Expo 2021

      Published:2021.09.26  Views:0

      CET wins 6 awards

      On September 16, 2021, the RemaxWorld Expo was held in Zhuhai, China.

      To celebrate the 40 year anniversary of the Chinese printer consumables industry, a special ceremony was held during the expo and CET won 6 awards including TOP 100 Manufacturer, TOP 100 Brand, TOP 100 E-Commerce Participant, TOP 200 Distributor, Outstanding Individual Contribution Award, and Outstanding Company Contribution Award.

      Transforming to“Intelligent Manufacturing in China”

      In 1981, the first printer consumables manufacturers were established in Zhuhai on the east coast of China. During 40 years of development, the industry has transformed from“made in China”to“intelligent manufacturing in China”. While the history brought the opportunity for the establishment of the consumables industry in China, the growth and development of the industry has led to a new era.

      CET logo in early times

      As an active participant in the industry, CET was rooted in the fertile soil of the consumables industry and through focus and continuous innovation developed into a multinational group with branches around the world in the OA industry.

      CET factory in Tangshan

      Outstanding Individual and the Company Contribution Awards

      Steven Ma, President of CET Group

      As the leader of the company, president of CET Group, Steven Ma, was honored with the Outstanding Individual Contribution Award. By focusing on the industry, emphasizing research and development, and insisting on quality, Steven led the company to grow, introducing numerous customers in domestic and foreign markets to CET and its excellent products and to learn the advantages of the Chinese consumables industry.

      Outstanding Individual and the Company Contribution Awards

      Top 100 Manufacturer

      CET factory in Tangshan

      As a leading manufacturer, CET always aims for high quality and innovation, investing millions of dollars in research and development every year. A series of laboratories were established along with the company’s development, including the Testing Centre, Materials Laboratory, OPC laboratory, and Toner Research & Development Centre. All these efforts ensure continuous delivery of high quality products to the industry.

      Top 100 Manufacturer

      Top 100 Brand, Top 100 E-Commerce Participant, Top 200 Distributor

      In addition to the Outstanding Contribution and TOP 100 Manufacturer Awards, CET was also honored with TOP 100 Brand, TOP 100 E-commerce Participant, and TOP 200 Distributor Awards.

      In CET, we sincerely believe quality is the cornerstone of the brand, and we are committed to providing a full-range of support to our distributors.

      Happy Anniversary to the Chinese Consumables Industry

      Happy 40th anniversary to the printer consumables industry in China! CET looks forward to witnessing the next 40 years of development together with the industry.

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