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      Latest News

      CET Confident MCC Japanese Toner Acquisition Can Deliver

      The production and delivery of monochrome and color toners have resumed following the successful acquisition of the Japanese-based Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation (MCC) by the Beijing, China-based CET Group (CET).

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      CET Honored with 6 Awards in Zhuhai RemaxWorld Expo 2021

      2020 --- COVID-19 pandemic has made this year extremely extraordinary! A year of unpredictable and tests, separation and reunion, fight and compromise. A year of great love...

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      Annual Speech from the President | CET 25 Years

      a special ceremony was held during the expo and CET won 6 awards including TOP 100 Manufacturer, TOP 100 Brand, TOP 100 E-Commerce Participant, TOP 200 Distributor, Outstanding Individual Contribution Award, and Outstanding Company Contribution Award

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      Featured Products

      Drum Unit Rebuild Kit

      iR ADVANCE C5535/5540/5550/5560...

      Rigorously tested in our laboratory with results showing excellent quality and print performance at a low cost per copy.

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      CPP Toner Cartridge-Chemical CMYK


      High quality chemical toner with consistently smaller and smoother particle size reduces abrasion and enhances image quality.

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      Fuser Assembly 220V

      LaserJet Pro M304a/305d/305dn...

      OEM-equivalent performance in fusing, function and image quality. Individual parts available separately...

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