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      Latest News

      Annual Speech from the President | CET 25 Years

      2020 --- COVID-19 pandemic has made this year extremely extraordinary! A year of unpredictable and tests, separation and reunion, fight and compromise. A year of great love...

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      CET Group Russia--the recommended supplier of spare parts and ...

      CET Group Russia was awarded "BEST ENTERPRISE OF THE INDUSTRY 2020" according to the results of an expert assessment of financial and economic indicators of companies in the industry...

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      The Fight Against COVID-19, CET Support

      Since March, COVID-19 has spread rapidly across the world and now many are going through what we experienced. Although we are still recovering, we at CET take our responsibilities...

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      Featured Products

      Drum Unit Rebuild Kit

      iR ADVANCE C5535/5540/5550/5560...

      Rigorously tested in our laboratory with results showing excellent quality and print performance at a low cost per copy.

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      CPP Toner Cartridge-Chemical CMYK


      High quality chemical toner with consistently smaller and smoother particle size reduces abrasion and enhances image quality.

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      Fuser Assembly 220V

      LaserJet Pro M304a/305d/305dn...

      OEM-equivalent performance in fusing, function and image quality. Individual parts available separately...

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